Message Outline, April 17, 2016
Where are we Going? Part 1, What is Worship?
In this series, we are considering the question, “Where are we going?” That is to say, “Where is our church going?” This is not a study of prophecy but of practicality, as we examine just exactly what we are to be doing for the work of the ministry until Jesus comes for us. This week we start with the issue of worship. If you ask someone to define worship, they will typically describe it because they really don’t know what it is. We must know what it is before we can determine what it should contain.

1. Worship is not:
A. Just music for that is an issue of culture. John 4:19-24
B. Being sanctimonious for that is religion. Amos 5:23
C. Just talking about God and the Bible for even pagans do 
  that. Matt 6:7

2. Worship is:  
Greek: προσκυνέω pronounced proskuneó
Means to kiss (the ground) towards Matt 2:2
λατρεύω pronounced latrewyo
Means to serve or do religious service Luke 4:8

The English word came from two ancient Anglo-Saxon words:
A. Wort which means worth and
B. Scip which means to ascribe
C. So to worship means to ascribe worth to someone or something.

3. Everybody worships something. Isa 2:8,9; Rom 1:22-25
4. Believers can find themselves serving other gods. Deut 7:1-4; Amos 5:23
5. True worship is turning our hearts to God and yielding to his rule. Ps 95:6-11; Deut 6:13; Matt 22:36-40; John 4:24
6. Worship isn’t just church, it’s a life style. Rom 12:1-2 

So then if you claim to worship God, what is He worth to you?
Is He worth letting Him rule your life?