July 3, 2016 Message Outline
The Saving of a Nation – July 4th
We live in a day when revisionists are trying to tell us that God and His Word are irrelevant to the forming of our country. As we celebrate our nation’s birth, we can see signs of a deadly disease that will cause our nation’s death. This disease is curable. It's the sin of unbelief. What can we do?

  Eph 3:14-19
1.God’s people must be committed to Him.

  2 Chron 7:14
2.We must be humble.
3.We must pray.
4.We must do what is right.

  Acts 22:25-29; 23:11; 25:10-12
5.We must exercise our responsibilities and our rights as citizens.

  Eph 4:14-15
6.We must tell others.

So then, our nation can be healed but only if God’s people are obedient.

“Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.”
Ps 33:12
 “…proclaim liberty through all the land, to all the inhabitants, thereof.”
Lev 25:10 (inscribed on the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia)

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