Message Outline July 17, 2016
Where Are We Going? Part 10
“What Leadership?”

In this season of political contests, we are barraged with claims by those who aspire to public office that they are the only one qualified and their opponent is the worst person on earth. They don’t really have to be the best. They merely have to convince a majority of the electorate that they are the best. God uses a different system to select leadership in His kingdom. And just what are the qualifications?

1. How are elders and deacons alike?
  A. Godly, not worldly, faithful, good testimony, 
  manage their home, not newbie, wife not gossip. 1 Timothy 3:1-12
  B. Appointed not elected. Acts 6:3; 14:23; Titus 1:5

2. How they are different?
  A. Elders are: teachers, leaders. vss: 2,5,6; 1 Peter 5:1-3
  B. Deacons are: workers, servers. Acts 6:1-4

3. They are to be honored but accountable.  1 Tim 5:17-21 

4. They will be judged more strictly. James 3:1

So then, God’s Word instructs the local church
to appoint elders and deacons who are
Biblically qualified for their office because
they will answer to God for their service.