June 26, 2016 Message Outline
Where are we Going? Part 10 
Holding On To My Collateral
When we have a loan, there is collateral which is held for later redemption. In Philippians 3 Paul shows us how that God has collateral in us and we have collateral in him.

1.Paul warns about those who say, you have to become like us to come to God. Vss 1-6

2.Paul was willing to give up everything because knowing Christ was worth more than anything. 
Vs 7-9
3.For Paul, it was about knowing Christ personally, experiencing His resurrection power, as well as suffering for him, even to the extent of death. Vs 10-11

4.Paul admitted that he hadn’t arrived spiritually, but told us to forget our failures and press on. 
Vs 12-16
5.We should follow Paul’s example and not those who are driven by earthly concerns. Vs 17-19

6.We shouldn’t be looking forward to earthly accomplishments but to being resurrected with Christ. Vs 20-21

So then, our lives of faithful service are the collateral God will collect on when He calls in His markers. Reward for faithful service in resurrection bodies is the collateral we will collect. We must be faithful.

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