“Surrogate Father” Matthew 1-2
Many men have been called upon to be an adoptive, foster or surrogate father. One day unparalleled in history, an ordinary man was called to raise a royal child as his own.

1.When he learned that his fiancé was pregnant Joseph wanted to do the right thing but not to embarrass her. Matt 1:18-19

2.God’s angel spoke directly to him.Matt 1:20

3.Joseph was told to keep Mary because she was 
still a virgin…..Matt 1:20

4….. to name the child Jesus (Jehovah Saves) because He would save His people from 
their sins…..Matt 1:21

5…..and how to protect him.Matt 2:13-23

6.Joseph obeyed the instructions and maintained Mary’s virginity until after the birth. Matt 1:24-25

So then, the scriptures show us that God
uses ordinary men in His plan,
including the raising of His own Son.

 June 19, 2016 Message Outline