“Where are We Going?” Part 7, 
“Worthy (A)Vocation”
Last week we saw how the spiritual gifts make us 
fit into the body of Christ to love God and others. 
Today we look at what they do in us. 

Original meaning of:

vocation from Latin: vocare means: calling

avocation from Latin: abvocare means: calling away

Ephesians 4
1. We are to keep our lifestyle consistent with our calling. Vs1

2. Those who are led by the Holy Spirit will acknowledge the brotherhood of all who truly profess Christ as Lord. Vss 2-6

All spiritual gifts: 
3. prepare each believer for ministry. Vs 12

4. cause us to encourage each other in our faith. Vs 13

5. help us to spiritually grow up. Vs 14

6. enables each of us to be & do our part. Vss 15-16

So then, pew-warmers are not in God’s plan.
No matter what we do for a living,
all believers are “called away” 
in some way to ministry.

Message Outline, June 12, 2016