“Which Gospel?” Galatians 1
This is the only epistle where Paul addresses several churches and they are in the region of Galatia. They, as many do, were struggling with the balance of works and grace, as if only one of these affects the believer. Paul starts by giving his own testimony.

1-2 Paul clearly identifies himself as Christ’s apostle and indicates he is not the only one saying what he’s about to say.
3-5 He clearly says Christ died to save us.
6-7 He cuts to the chase and declares they are turning from the truth of the Gospel of grace. 
8-9 Anyone, including himself, who preaches salvation by anything but grace is accursed.
10 Paul was not the kind to say what people want to hear.
11-17 He had previously, persecuted the church until he received the truth directly from God, not from men.
18-19 After three years he conferred with Peter and James.
20-24 His testimony had been widely circulated of how the former persecutor of the faith now preached that faith.

So then, Paul declares that salvation by anything but God’s grace is not God’s Gospel.

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“Be Real” Galatians 2
Paul has been developing the concept of what the true Gospel of Christ really is. 
Now he challenges us to be real about what we say we believe.

Vss 1-2 Fourteen years later, Paul, Barnabas and Titus went back to Jerusalem to explain the gospel they preached to the Gentiles.

Vss 3-6 Some were teaching that you have to become a Jew before you could become a Christian. Titus, a Gentile, was not convinced.

Vss 7-10 The church leaders in Jerusalem acknowledged Paul’s ministry to the Gentiles to be just as legit as Peter’s ministry to the Jews.

Vss 11-14 Paul confronted Peter about living like Gentiles but expecting Gentiles to become Jews

Vss 15-16 As Jewish as Paul was, he knew that no one is saved by the law.

Vss 17-18 Those who are truly justified must abandon their sinful lifestyle.

Vss 19-20 Those who are truly crucified with Christ are dead to sin, self and legalism.

Vs 21 If we can work to be saved, Christ’s death was meaningless.

So then, if we are saved by grace God expects us to live by grace. Let’s be real!

“A Chosen People or Choosing People?” Galatians 3
Paul has established the concept of the genuine Gospel, that being Jewish is not needed in order to be saved. So then what place does God’s Chosen people have in the whole plan of salvation? Paul sets the record straight. 

Vs 1-9 Faith has always been the way of salvation. We are saved the same way Abraham was.

Vs 10-12 Those who try to please God by works bring a curse on themselves.

Vs 13-14 Christ frees us from that curse and brings blessing on all who believe.

Vs 15-18 God’s promise concerning the Seed of Abraham, like the Seed of Eve, was singular in reference to Christ.

Vs 19-25 The Law was given to teach us about our need for God’s provision. Those who continue to live under the Law have not learned its lesson.

Vs 26-29 All who profess Christ become heirs to the promise through the Seed of Abraham.

So then, God used His chosen people to bring the Law and the Messiah 
to those people who would choose faith.