Message Outline, July 10, 2016
Where Are We Going?
Part 9, Where Are The People?
Where are the people? Why aren’t they here? And how does God want us to get them here? Today we answer those questions from the Lord Jesus’ parable of the wedding banquet in Luke 14.

1.The invitation to God’s kingdom is universal. 
Vss 15-16
2.People are filling their lives with a lot of things instead of God. Vss 17-20

3.The invitation even goes out to those who are rejected by society. Vss 21-24

4.Churches and believers, like salt can lose their usefulness. Vss 34-35

5.Heaven rejoices more over one lost soul coming to Christ than a whole church that doesn’t grow. 
Vss 15:1-7

So then, people aren’t in church because they don’t know they need God.
We must invite them and make church inviting.
Remember, we’re inviting them 
into the Kingdom of God!