Where Are We Going? Series Conclusion, 
What Kind of Church?
We’ve looked at what we’re supposed to be doing as individual believers and as a church. So, what kind of church are we going to be? John shows us some of the possibilities.
Revelation 2:
1-7 Ephesus: left their first love
  Advice: remember & repent or lose your light

8-11 Smyrna: persecuted & will die for their faith
Advice: be faithful no matter what

12-17 Pergamos: compromising, don’t take a hard line 
on sin
Advice: repent or God will be against you

18-29 Thyatira: corrupt, allow false teaching & 
Advice: repent or be killed; faithful> just hold on

3:1-6 Sardis: good reputation but dead & defiled inside
Advice: repent & not be blotted from Book of Life

7-13 Philadelphia: Faithful, kept the Word, not denied 
the faith, persevered
Advice: hold on & be saved from the hour of world 
wide trial

14-22 Laodicea: lukewarm & don’t realize their condition
Advice: repent, be refined by God’s fire or be 
vomited from God’s mouth.

So then, what kind of church are we going to be?
Loving and faithful? Or compromising and useless to God? 
The choice is ours.