PLEASE read and follow these guidelines from the Consistory for attending the worship services in the weeks ahead.
1. Please wear a face mask while entering or leaving, going to the restroom, or speaking to anyone. If you feel you should also wear gloves, please do so.
2. Please enter the building through the side[ramp] door and exit through the front door [if you are able], staying several feet away from everyone.
3. Please use the hand sanitizer on your hands available at both entrances.
4. Please put your offering in the tray as you enter the side entrance.
5. Parents, please contain your children.
6. Please avoid coming near anyone. When waiting to use the restroom, please wait at the bottom of the stairs until the previous person goes into the sanctuary. 
7. When you are finished in the restroom, please use the provided wipes to cleanse the faucet handles, the toilet handle, the toilet seat, and the doorknob. 
8. When taking a seat, please DO NOT sit directly in front of or directly behind anyone. Families may sit together but please keep at least 6 to 8 feet between family groups. We realize this means some folks may not be able to sit in their customary seats. Please just consider it a small sacrifice we must make for each other’s safety.
9. Do not use the pew Bibles or hymnals. The hymn lyrics will be printed in the bulletins, at least through August.
10. On Lord's Supper Sundays (1st Sunday of the month) a pre-filled communion set will be given to each person upon arrival. 
11. We will say our hellos and goodbyes from a distance. Please don’t feel slighted but I will not greet you at the pews before the service and there will be no receiving line following the service, at least for a while.

Everyone on the Consistory understands that these expectations are inconvenient. Please realize that we are among the first churches in our area to reconvene. So, we have a responsibility to be as careful as we can for the safety of everyone. 

We truly appreciate your co-operation with these guidelines. 

Guidelines for Attendance During Post-Covid Restart
Beginning June 7th. Continuing until further notice.