“Christmas Myths” 
Most holidays have a number of legends or myths that have developed around them over the centuries. Christmas is no exception. Here are the facts about some of these 
Christmas myths.

1.Saint Nicholas is not a myth. He was a very prominent Christian in the fourth century.
Bishop of Myra(Demre); b. 3/15/270 A.D. Patara, Lycia (Turkey); d.12/6/343 A.D. Became a believer as a young child. Wealthy Christian parents died in an epidemic when he was young. Raised by his uncle—also named Nicholas—who was the bishop of Patara. Suffered under the Diocletianic Persecution (303–11), Participated in the Council of Nicaea(Iznik) 325 A.D. – where he co-authored The Nicene Creed.

2.The Bible does not say to remember His birth but His death. 1 Cor 11:25-26 Luke 22:19  

3.Contrary to most nativities, the wise men were not present at the manger. Matt 2:7,16

4.The star was not a visual convergence of other stars but a new one that moved. Matt 2:9; Numbers 24:17

5.Contrary to some Christmas lyrics, Jesus did cry. Heb 4:15 John 11:35

6.God, not Santa, sees us sleeping and is definitely making a list. John 1:48; Rev 20:11-15

So lets be armed with the truth
so we can let our light shine
at Christmas time and all the time.