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Youth Ministry

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        At our church, our young people are important! We know that they are precious to you and that you trust them to our staff and volunteers every week. We take this responsibility very seriously and strive to ensure that your children are safe and have a great time during their stay with us!  

On Sunday Mornings, children from age two and up will find loving adults who will spend time with them and teach them strong spiritual values, encourage them to make friends and to seek Jesus for help for daily problems.  

Youth Group
This time will consist of a Bible lesson, singing, prayer time, game time. It will be held in the Youth Room of the 1830 Haus next to the main sanctuary building. Teenagers are welcome and encouraged to attend!

We have various gatherings and activities empowering our young people to be effective disciples. 

Promiseland and Kidstime Children's Ministry

This is our ministry to the children and youth of our church. It is a fun-filled, Christ-Centered Sunday School Class that is held each Sunday from 9-10 a.m. These highly relational and creative classes assist the children and youth to grow in their understanding of what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ. We desire to assist parents in developing a child's understanding of God and the Bible, and how they relate to a child's life. It also offers the children a way to build friendships and enjoy life as they explore their faith together.  

Promiseland Sunday School Class for youth ages 13 and up meets downstairs in our 1830 Haus. 

Kidstime Sunday School Class for children ages 2-12 meets downstairs in our Church Building. 


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